• busy dying Nov 27, 2017

    Active management organizations face a new landscape. To meet the needs of clients going forward, they need to evaluate and redesign their organizations, perhaps in dramatic ways.

  • behind the numbers Sep 12, 2017

    Assessing the people in an investment firm is key to understanding its capabilities. But can we get more than a superficial look at the interpersonal dynamics that are critical to its success over time?

  • maps of the world Aug 16, 2017

    Investment organizations are facing a quickening pace of change, but using old constructs to analyze the environment and to make strategic decisions. New perspectives are needed.

  • into the workshop Jul 6, 2017

    Getting away from the normal routine is critical if you are to think about the challenges of the future. Four days with interesting investment people from around the world does the trick.

  • precision farming Jun 1, 2017

    There has been a restoration of faith in risk management and the modeling of market behavior since the financial crisis. Will those methods serve us well when the weather changes?

  • surprisingly popular May 2, 2017

  • site visits Apr 25, 2017

    The worth of due diligence visits to companies or asset managers depends greatly on the structure of the interactions and your willingness to surface the flaws in the stories you hear.

  • circles of risk Mar 13, 2017

    From the analysis of an individual security to the behavior of the market and the functioning of asset management firms, anticipatory risk management is essential to good long-term performance.

  • point of view Feb 7, 2017

    A trip to the theater leads to some thoughts about the incomplete picture that we get from our own limited perspective.

  • the investment ecosystem Dec 6, 2016

    The conditions are in place for some big changes in the investment industry environment over the next few years. Will you be ready?

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